Bras, Hatred & The Perception of Size

As I’ve grown up, I have met many wonderful women along the way from all walks of life and from many different countries and cultures.  As different as we all are however, we all seem to have something in common.  A hatred of bras and invariably a disliking of our boobs.  Okay, I know, I’m totally generalising.  I’m sure there are many women out there who love themselves adequately which is totally wonderful and great, but for the purpose of this blog, we’re concentrating on the majority of women who aren’t in love with ‘the girls’.  

One of the things I’ve noticed with 9/10 customers I meet is their seemingly warped perception of size.  It’s as if fitting into anything bigger than a C cup means you have completely failed at life which I find worrying and rather frustrating to be honest.  Let’s think about this from a different angle, if the item you were buying was a pair of shoes, would you try shove your feet into something that was 3 sizes too small?  Of course you wouldn’t, that’s a ridiculous notion.  There would be blisters for days, horrendous scarring and red lines everywhere, not to mention a numb pinkie toe and an unwavering temptation to throw the offensive items off as soon as you walked in the door.  Sound familiar? Thought as much.  Buying a bra which fits you properly is the same as buying a pair of shoes that fit you properly.  If that means accepting that you might be an E, F, or even G cup, so be it.  It’s not something you shout about from the rooftops, so why give the bra such a bad rep?  We’re lucky to have boobs, after all, they’re our secret weapon, we should treat them with the utmost respect.  Over the years, women have been complaining about bras left and right.  We’ve been burning bras, rolling our eyes at bras or boycotting them altogether and going braless.  Well, some of us that is, those who can afford to swing free, the rest of us might not have that luxury.  Anyway, we digress.

Is it a nostalgia thing where we just can’t bear to deal with the fact that we might not be the same size we were at 22? Is it a shame thing maybe where we grew up in a conservative household and weren’t taught about a correctly fitting bra because it was just not something that was spoken about?  I’m sure there are many many reasons as to why we tend to wear the wrong size bra, but it’s the 21st century now and the sheer amount of technology that has gone into the manufacturing of textiles and bits and bobs for bras is astounding, I could talk about it for days.

So what can we do about this problem then?  Easy, book a bra fitting.  Now I can hear your eyes rolling because it’s that thing we love to hate.  “Bra fittings.  YUK!” Not yuk actually, not when they’re done properly.  Find a lingerie boutique near you and book a fitting.  I say lingerie boutique because a boutique which specialises in lingerie will know the correct method to fit you and will have correctly trained staff able to help you with any questions or queries you might have.  Going for a fitting at a busy, general clothing store with badly trained staff is going to result in that ‘yukky’ feeling.  If you don’t think you have a lingerie boutique near you, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us and we can do a virtual fitting.  When I say virtual, I don’t mean a Zoom call, I mean a good ol’ phone call where I can explain to you in detail how to measure yourself properly (you’ll need a measuring tape but not the husband’s DIY version please).  You can tell me the various measurements and I can let you know your bra size and answer any questions you might have.  From there, you can head to a boutique or shop and try on bras until you’re as happy as Lassie!

To book a fitting with us, physically or virtually, or just to find out more information, please email us at or you can WhatsApp Jenn on 074 674 3194.

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